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The following is an excerpt from a piece-in-progress, written by George
Thomspon.  IT should appear, with footnotes (sorry) within two weeks on
emperors.clothes.com.  It has been checked quite thoroughly.  One of the
people interviewed on emperors-clothes.com is the leader of the Kosovo Jews,
recently driven out by the racist-secessionists; he also happens to have been
the head archivist of Kosovo (with by the way a staff including many
Albanians) and he checked this text as well.  Here is the excerpt:

    Mussolini's Italy occupied Albania proper in April 1939, and established
a collaborationist regime with the enthusiastic support of the native
population. After Hitler invaded and occupied Yugoslavia in spring 1941, the
bulk of current Kosovo-Metohija was placed under Italian-Albanian
collaborationist control and annexed to Albania.  Albanians from both Albania
and Kosovo accompanied the Italian forces and instituted a campaign of murder
and expulsion against the Serbian inhabitants.  Initially, the mayhem was
caused by disorganized "kachak" (irregular) units, but soon a native Kosovo
militia, the Vulnetari, and various gendarme units, began a more systematic

    The Italian occupation authorities were unable and unwilling to
intervene, but did record the results.  The Italian army reported that
Albanians were "hunting down Serbs", and that the "Serbian minority are
living in conditions that are truly disgraceful, constantly harassed by the
brutality of the Albanians, who are whipping up racial hatred."  Carlo
Umilta, a civilian aide to the commander of the Italian occupation forces,
described some of the atrocities in his memoirs and observed that "the
Albanians are out to exterminate the Slavs."   His words were echoed by those
of German diplomat Hermann Neubacher: "Shiptars (i.e., Kosovo Albanians) were
in a hurry to expel as many Serbs as possible from the country."

    The anti-Serb pogroms intensified after Italy's collapse in September
1943, when the Germans assumed control of Albania, including Kosovo.  Kosovo
Albanian nationalist militias called the "Balli Kombëtar" or "Ballistas"
conducted a campaign of murder and deportation against the Serb population in
1943 and 1944.  On Hitler's express order, in April 1944 the Germans formed
the 21st "Waffen-Gebirgs Division der SS Skanderbeg"(Alban.Nr.1) with German
leadership and Kosovo Albanian officers and rank and file.  Although the
Germans raised the 9,000 man unit as an anti-Partisan force, its Albanian
members were interested solely in murdering or expelling the Serb population.
 Many of the Albanian recruits had seen prior service in the Bosnian Muslim
and Croatian SS divisions.

    A major impetus for the Kosovo Albanians' attempt to drive the Serbs from
Kosovo under both fascist and nazi tutelage was militant Islam.  The Islamist
group "Second League of Prizren" was created in September 1943 by Xhafer
Deva, a Kosovo Albanian, to work with the German authorities.  The League
proclaimed a jihad against Slavs, an effort that was supported by the grand
mufti of Jerusalem, El Haj Emin Huseini, who similarly called for the
elimination of Jews in then-British-occupied Palestine.   Indeed, throughout
the war Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries were a favorite target for
destruction by Albanians.

    No one is certain how many Serbs were killed or displaced in this
Albanian-sponsored Holocaust.  Estimates range between 10,000 and 30,000
murdered, with at least an additional 100,000 driven from Kosovo to elsewhere
in Yugoslavia and replaced with "immigrants" from Albania proper.   The
reported number of expelled Serbs also varies depending on the source.
Dragnich and Todorovich cited the figure of 70,000-100,000, based on a review
of wartime refugee records.  Dmitri Bogdanovich estimates 100,000, but
acknowledges that the exact number has never been determined.  Dmitri
Bogdanovich, The Kosovo Question: Past and Present (1985).  Dr. Avramov notes
that wartime records showing 70,000 refugees from Kosovo counted only those
persons in need of government assistance who registered with the Commissariat
for Refugees in Belgrade.  Records of those who did not register, or who fled
to Montenegro, apparently do not exist.  Avramov, supra.  The Kosovar
Albanians' depredations were a major cause of the current demographic
imbalance: the Albanians constitute a majority of the Kosovo population
because of their great success as Hitler's willing executioners.

    But their murderous attention was not limited only to Serbs.  Countless
Roma (Gypsies) were liquidated, and Kosovo Albanians, both acting alone and
under German direction, managed to eliminate a large portion of Kosovo's
Jewish population.  The definitive work concerning the nazi-orchestrated
elimination of Yugoslav Jews   estimates that there were approximately 550
Jews in Kosovo at the time of Hitler's takeover of Yugoslavia, and that 210
of them, or 38 percent, were murdered, primarily by Kosovar Albanians.  In
fact, the Skanderbeg division's first operation was to act as an
"einsatzgruppen" against the Jews; its second was a similar extermination
foray against the Serb village of Velika where more than 400 Serbians were
murdered.  Although KLA supporters now claim that no Jews were killed in
Kosovo and that Jews were sheltered by the Kosovar Albanians, such claims are
false and should be treated with the disdain shown to other Holocaust deniers.

    Although their German mentors surrendered in 1945, the remnants of the
Albanian Kosovar nazi and fascist groups continued fighting the Yugoslav
government for an additional six years, with a major rebellion occurring from
1945 to 1948 in the Drenica region, the hotbed for today's KLA recruiting,
under the command of Shaban Paluzha.  Sporadic resistance continued from 1948
to 1951.  It is literally true to say that the last shots of world war 2 were
fired in Kosovo

End of excerpt

Here's a little human interest story on the charming continuity of
racist-secessionist culture.  It is from a story carried on NBC:
An NBC news correspondent reported, with bizarre

PRIZREN, Yugoslavia, June 18 —
"I was at dinner with a kind Kosovo Muslim family the other night when talk
turned to the German NATO troops that rolled into town to make the city the
headquarters of its peacekeeping district. The patriarch of the family, a man
old enough to remember the last time German troops rolled into Prizren, said
they all felt safe now. “The German soldiers are excellent,” he said. Then he
added, “I should know, I used to be one.” Then he raised his arm in a Nazi
salute and said, “Heil,” and laughed merrily."
(end NBC story)

Here's a story from Radio Free Europe.  Before Mr. WOol has a paroxism of
revolutionary fervor over my using this source a) it is no diffeent from NBC
- and b) It is run by the US which SUPPORTS the KLA control of KosovA - so it
is presented as evidence AGAINST SELF INTEREST - the ultimate evidence of
reliability in a news story:

From: Radio Free Europe 10-6-99

Kosovapress, the Prishtina-based press service of the disbanded UCK {NOTE:
these are the intials of the Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA, in Albanian},
accused two prominent ethnic Albanians of being spies for Yugoslav President
Slobodan Milosevic on 5 October. Publisher Veton Surroi, a member of the
Kosova transitional council, and Aton Haxhiu, the chief editor of the Kosovar
daily "Koha Ditore," were called "dregs" for "spying and cooperating with
Milosevic's regime." Surroi said the accusation comes after he recently said
that "fascists are in power in Kosova now and what is being done to the Serbs
[in Kosova] is a form of fascism." Surroi and his newspaper, "Koha Ditore,"
have consistently spoken out against the treatment of Serbs in Kosovar since
the return of ethnic Albanians after NATO troops took control of the
province. Surroi said the condemnations are "an invitation to kill both me
and Haxhiu." PB

From: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) Newsline, Vol. 3, No. 195,

{Note that though "disbanded" the KLA still has a press service and still can
make threats which the recipients view as life-threatening.}

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