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Socialist Resistance (CWI/Canada)

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Berlin 2 October 1999

Dear comrades,

since the 9.9.99 140 workers of Alcatel - Data Cables have occupied their
factory in Berlin. The factory shall be closed on the 31.12. 99, with only
30 jobs remaining for trading with Eastern Europe. At the moment there are
170 workplaces.

The French Alcatel concern has got 110.000 workers worldwide. Apart from
this Berlin factory they also want to close two other plants in Germany and
two in France. Until now the concern didn't declare why they are closing
these plants, but obviously the worldwide overcapacitiy in the cable
industry is the reason for it.

The main reason for the occupation is that there exist no real social
compensation plan for the workers. They should get only 20.000 DM each,
which in Germany means really nothing. But in the last days the question of
keeping the factory open is more and more in the focus of the discussions
and also in the media. In Berlin from 1991 to 1998 every second industrial
job was lost.

On the 27.9. 60 workers were in Paris at the headquarters of the company to
protest and to seek for solidarity from French workers.

Because of our campaign in another part of Berlin for the 10 October
elections the comrades are not able to organise a big solidarity campaign
for the Alcatel workers. However we visit regularly the factory and take
part in their activities.

We need immediately solidarity letters from CWI sections for the workers and
of comrades with functions in trade unions, if possible. Please mention in
your letters that you get informed about the occupation by the SAV-Socialist

Address of Alcatel:

ALCATEL Data Cables
Sonnenallee 228
12057 Berlin

Please send e-mails, fax and so on to our Berlin centre. At the moment there
exist no possibility to phone or fax to the factory. That's why we will take
it to the workers.

SAV-Sozialistische Alternative, Berlin
Schönhauser Allee 26a
10435 Berlin
Tel./Fax.: ++49 30 4408429


Katja, SAV-Socialist Alternative, Berlin

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