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Mon Oct 4 18:17:53 MDT 1999

Borba100 wrote:

<<On Kosovo, you are WAY off base, however.  THis is not a matter of
theoretical fodder of the Kosovos, it is more parctical matter of :
recognizing that the independence movement in Kosovo has had a partly
completely) fascist character; to hjelp you get out of bed with these
I suggest taking a look at; there are several
interviews on the home page with a jewish leader, albanian non-fascists
others driven out of or made misrable by these Nazi's, Chossudvosky's
hair-raising account of these narco-fascists.   Really, if you want to
champiuon humanitarian causes, make sure they are human first.  ANyone
make this mistake in the current climate, but you, as a politically
sophisticated person, have no excuse not to READ before you speak >>

I made no mention of the KLA in my post, so am surprised to find myself
accused of 'being in bed with Nazis'.  Maybe Borba might care to read
what I wrote rather than what she/he imagines to be between the lines.
I asked a specific question about what Marxism's response is to the
welter of interventionist actions that are going on, and likely to
increase. I am not asking for an analysis, but practical proposals.

Borba100's response does seem to be one answer to my last para - 'Or are
we to take it that the Kosovars, East Timorese and Chechens are a kind
of 'theory fodder' for Marxism?'  It equates the Kosovar people (of
whatever ethnic/religious grouping) with an assertion that the KLA are

Bernie Wool

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