Nestor on other imperialisms

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Tue Oct 5 15:41:55 MDT 1999

Nestor wrote:
>But I think one must try not to lose sight of the whole
>>scenario. The fact that the USA are the most incredibly
>powerful imperialist country in history, the fact that the American
>military hegemony is undisputable, does not make them the
>_only_ active imperialist country, the one that plays first
>round in "Simon says".  Imperialism is a matter of
>bourgeois, that is national, states struggling for world
>hegemony. No bourgeoisie in this world has struck an
>eternal agreement with the American bourgeoisie to accept
>their rule dismissing any claim of their own.

Nestor, this is a wonderful way of putting it.

Even the most formerly pro-Washington bourgeoisies (like NZ and Australia)
have struck no eternal agreement with the American bourgeoisie.

And in the post-Soviet, post-boom, world, each imperialist must look out
for number one, just as each individual capitalist must.

It seems odd that we have to restate Marxism 101 in this way.


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