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Phillips's nephew was a student.  He promised to bring U.U. to my class, but he
never came.

Louis Proyect wrote:

> DiFranco, Phillips Take a Stand For Labor
> By Anthony DeCurtis
> Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips-- Fellow Workers (Righteous Babe)
> Fellow Workers isn't Ani DiFranco's typical fare, so even devotees need to
> tread with some caution here. On this album she teams up for the second
> time with sexagenarian folkie Utah Phillips for what amounts to a musical
> journey through the history of the American labor movement.  DiFranco and
> other musicians cook up evocative backing tracks on guitar, keyboards, and
> bass, while Phillips delivers spoken-word exhortations to a crowd of
> enthusiastic youngsters, urging them to "Dump the Bosses" and take "Direct
> Action."  Phillips is an engaged and engaging speaker and singer, and his
> message of worker unity should give anyone pause in this era when economic
> boom times means that benefits get slashed, job security disappears, and
> the gap between rich and poor stretches into a chasm. And so few stories in
> popular culture are told from a working-class perspective, that Fellow
> Workers is notable simply for speaking with that point of view. But the
> album is a bit like an evening at socialist camp. If your politics are
> anywhere to the right of Marx and Lenin, you're in for some rough going.
> Titles:
> 1. Joe Hill (Instrumental) 2. Stupid's Song 3. The Most Dangerous Woman 4.
> Stupid's Pledge 5. Direct Action 6. Pie In The Sky 7. Shoot Or Stab Them 8.
> Lawrence 9. Bread And Roses 10. Why Come? 11. Unless You Are Free 12. I
> will Not Obey 13. The Long Memory 14. The Silence That Is Me 15. Joe Hill
> 16. The Saw-Playing Musician 17. Dump The Bosses 18. The Internationale
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