Emergency Call to Action for Mumia Abu-Jamal

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>Emergency Call to Action
>*this message contains details of "day after" demonstrations for Mumia
>Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge is about to issue a warrant for the
>execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal. His order will set a specific date for
>Mumia's execution by lethal injection
>Mumia will be immediately placed under 24-hour surveillance in a special
>cell under Phase II conditions, or "Suicide Watch."
>Governor Ridge and the death-seeking forces that stand behind him will have
>issued an unprecedented challenge to our movement and to all those who
>cherish democratic and human rights. The Governor's heinous deed will
>demand of us a united response that must be heard in every quarter of our
>Mumia's fight for life will be placed at center stage of U.S. politics.
>With unshakable confidence, we will now take the next critical steps
>toward the building of a nationally coordinated, broadly-based,  mass
>movement to weigh in on Mumia's behalf.
>We are pledged to make the contemplated murder of Mumia Abu-Jamal a
>political price that is unquestionably too high to pay on the part of the
>powerbrokers who currently oversee the unfolding battle. They will learn
>that Mumia's case represents an irresistible challenge to the credibility
>of their "criminal justice system."
>The National Coordinators of Mumia's defense issue this call for emergency
>protests in the U.S. and internationally for "The Day After" a warrant is
>signed in as many cities as possible.  (See below for additional details
>regarding regional actions in Philadelphia and San Francisco.)
>The death warrant is doubly outrageous because Governor Ridge knows full
>well that within days Mumia's legal team, headed by Leonard Weinglass, will
>be filing for a writ of habeas corpus in the Federal District Court. This
>will initiate the federal appeal's process and, at the same time, secure a
>stay of the Governor's warrant for Mumia's execution.
>The defense team will request an evidentiary hearing in order to present to
>the Federal District Court vital material that was banned from the State
>court records by the actions of Judge Albert Sabo.
>Mumia's case has now entered a qualitatively new phase. While it is
>impossible to predict a time line, all agree that the legal proceedings
>have entered the "fast track." At the extreme, the Federal District Court
>may invoke the "presumption of correctness" standard of the 1996 Effective
>Death Penalty Act and refuse both an evidentiary hearing and a Federal
>District Court review. Such an action would restart the countdown on
>Mumia's life.
>There are a number of legal options available in this eventuality,
>including an additional appeal to the Federal District Court for a
>three-judge hearing, and, if, necessary, subsequent appeals to the Federal
>Circuit Court of Appeals, and finally to the U.S. Supreme Court. The time
>period for these appeals could be collapsed into a matter of months. A
>longer scenario, however, is certainly not excluded.
>The immediate mobilization of Mumia's supporters in the days ahead is our
>top priority. Based on the major achievements of Mumia's freedom struggle
>over the past years, we will then proceed with a comprehensive and united
>plan of action designed to bring to bear the full power and influence of
>all those who seek justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal.
>Stop the Execution!
>For a New Trial Now!
>Pam Africa, Internat'l Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
>Safiya Bukhari, New York Free Mumia Coalition
>Herman Ferguson, New African Liberation Front
>Clark Kissinger, Refuse and Resist
>Jeff Mackler, Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
>Monica Moorehead, National People's Campaign
>Joan Parkin, Campaign to End the Death Penalty
>Marcus Rediker, Western PA. Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
>Mark Taylor, Academics for Mumia Abu-jamal
>Steve Weiser, The Bruderhoff
>Philadelphia Regional Protest: If a warrant is signed on Monday - Thursday
>the "Day After" demonstration will be that Saturday in Philadelphia. If a
>warrant is signed on Friday, the demonstration will be on the second
>"Saturday After" (eight days) in Philadelphia, assembling at: Pennsylvania
>State Office Building at Broad and Spring Garden Streets, 11 am. People are
>riding the train down and there will be buses from NYC.  Call the
>Hotline 212-330-8029 and the In'tl Action Center 212-633-6646 for more
>info. For Philadelphia information: International Concerned Family and
>Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal: 215-476-8812.
>San Francisco: If the warrant is signed on Friday, October 8, the "Day
>After:" rally is set for Saturday, October 9, 12:00 Noon, Powell and Market
>Streets followed by 12 Noon regional march and rally on Saturday, October
>16 assembling at Powell and Market. Call: The Mobilization to Free Mumia
>Abu-Jamal: 415-695-7745.
>If a death warrant is signed, there will be
>(1) local demonstrations on the next day
>(2) regional (Philadelphia and San Francisco) demonstrations on the next
>Saturday (unless it is signed on a Friday, then it's 8 days later)
>In New York City:
>(1) The next business day, gather in front of the PBA, 40 Fulton St., 1-2
>at 2 pm, march to Times Square; at 4:30 pm, demonstrate in Times
>(2) The next Saturday, travel to Philadelphia.
>If you're involved in a Mumia coalition, let us know what your local demo
>details are so we can publicize them.
>Call, email, or check the web sites for details in your city.
>Call or email to get on the Emergency Response Netowork.
>If there is nothing planned in your city for the day after, call something
>Organize transportation to Philadelphia or San Francisco for the regional
>Saturday demonstrations.
>Stay in Touch!  For more information, contact
>In Philadelphia, call International Concerned Family and Friends at 215-
>476-8812.  In New York City, call the IAC at 212-633-6646 or email
>iacenter at iacenter.org, or call the Free Mumia Coalition hotline at 212-
>International Action Center
>39 West 14th Street, Room 206
>New York, NY 10011
>email: iacenter at iacenter.org
>phone: 212 633-6646
>fax:   212 633-2889

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