Hot Pursuit

bernie wool bernard.wool at
Sun Oct 3 17:22:16 MDT 1999

G Pennefather post:

<<Canberra's "hot pursuit" statement concerning invasions into West
Timor ties in with the views I have expressed concerning the imperialist
invasion of East Timor leading to the conflict widening to increasingly
include all of Timor. As I have already said the situation is more
complicated than it may appear and could lead to a very messy situation
for Canberra.>>

It is obvious to anyone that there are parallels (but not homologous
ones) between Kosova and E Timor.  Equally it is ABC that both sets of
invading forces represent imperialism, and have agendas that are not
shaped by the interests of the Kosovars or the East Timorese.  But both
sets of people are dispossessed and therefore regard themselves as being
in need of immediate assistance - a matter of life or death in both
cases.  Quite understandably they lionise those forces who seem to
promise immediate salvation, misguided as this will almost certainly
prove to be, as proved to be the case with the Brit intervention in
Northern Ireland all those years ago, when the majority of the
Nationalist community welcomed them initially.

Just what is the practical alternative for either?  To bash on about
NATO and the Brit-Anzac forces as being imperialist seems to me to be
stating the obvious.  What is not so obvious is what Marxists' response
is or should be.  What is the role of the working class in the
imperialist countries in such cases, and there are many more besides,
including the current Russian offensive against Chechnya and quite
probably Ingushetia?  Nor is it particularly practical to focus on the
economic aspects of the Sunda arc within East Asia as a whole, important
as they are.

Or are we to take it that the Kosovars, East Timorese and Chechens are a
kind of 'theory fodder' for Marxism?  Much of what I have read since
subscribing seems to point strongly in that direction.

Bernie Wool

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