A pearl of portuguese colonialist strategy

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at SPAMmail.telepac.pt
Mon Oct 4 05:07:47 MDT 1999

"We won't be able to maintain white domination, which constitutes a
national objective, unless white settlement is done at a rhythm that
matches and surpasses, if only slightly, the production of developed
niggers. For if the opposite happens, if white settlement is surpassed
by the production of developed niggers, then one of two things will
necessarily happen: either we will have to install apartheid, which will
be terrible and we won't be able to maintain, or we will have black
governments with all the consequences this will bring about (the
dismantling of the Overseas provinces). White settlement is not intent
on equilibrating the black demographic potential, it only envisages to
equilibrate with the developed niggers. Given the fact that, thank god,
we could never be able to develop all the niggers," [this part here is
clearly ment for a burst of laughter among this selected audience of
gentlemen] "it is possible, it is almost certain that we will be able to
put in Africa whites in such quantity as to equilibrate the number of
niggers that have evolved. (...) Therefore, we won't be very efficient
at the production of developed niggers, for we must promote them, yes,
but without exaggerations."

General Kaulza de Arriaga, in his military courses for High Command of

This man was an intimate friend of Salazar, several times member of
government, a top ideologue of the regime and commander-in-chief of the
portuguese armed forces in Mozambique 1970-73 (as such, responsible for
the massacres at Wiryamu and Juwau).

João Paulo Monteiro

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