Arms spending explosion

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Fri Oct 8 03:32:42 MDT 1999

I was listening to a puff piece on Irish radio about the Canadian army
with a lot of guff about bringing it up to date. Ireland is being
frogmarched into NATOs PFP with a committment toi increase arms spending.
Ther seems to be a concerted move to bolster the arms industry throughout
the world. This also means less money for social expenditure. This in
spite of the end of the USSR as a competitor to the "west". And where all
possible opponents of American Imperialism are far weaker and equiped
mainly with out of date western arms.
Does this mean that the arms end of the Bourgeoisie has won a victory over
other elements of the Imperialist bourgeoisies. I say arms end on the
basis of Guerins observation that German Fascism was supported by heavy,
arms type Bourgeois elements.
Jim Monaghan

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