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Jared Israel:

>d) How does Serbia  differ from Spain during the Spanish Civil War?
>Romanticization (not to mention spelling) aside.

One major common denominator that went unnoticed by many was the volunteer
brigades, only this time from Russia.

(Isn;t there a good deal
>more social ownership in Yugo than there was in Spain?  Isn;t the assault
>the capitalist west on Yugo more open and united than it was on Spain??
>Didn''t Yugo have  thousands of  Guernica's? Note, by the way, that SPANISH
>forensic scientists and pilots have blown the whistle on NATO...maybe they
>are telling us something

Hard to say if it is intentional. It might just be that this was the first
unbiased reportage done by a group in Kosovo's aftermath.

Some of the way in which "mass graves" were reported tended to make me
chuckle (if not puke). One mass grave of an estimated 200-plus people turned
out the nextday to have seven. Another turned out to be a field of rotting
cow carcasses that responsible farmers has already buried, after Nato had
killed said livestock with cluster bombs.

Oh, well. If people do indeed want to hate the "evil Serbs", there will
always be the non-academic reinforcements. One of the few shows on the
networks I can stomach has been Law and Order, so I turned on the spin-off
pilot. The new show is supposed to the sex-crimes unit while the show is
laid out in the same format. Turned out that the cabbie who was found dead
with his pecker cut off was an illegal immigrant who was a wanted, indicted
criminal from Bosnia, who had been in charge of an "ethnic cleansing unit".
I'd never heard of such a military formation before. His attackers were
former victims, so went the "deep irony", who had got a ride in his cab,
spontaneously recognising that "evil voice".

Well, having failed my attempt at escaping politics on TV, I turned it off
and went to bed.


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