Justice and taking sides

Julio julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Wed Oct 13 17:43:27 MDT 1999

Thank you, Russell for these words. I didn't know about these marchs in
London. I was in Stockholm in this time. We could join 25 persons in order
to march to the english ambassad and against the british agression. I really
know what is to be in minory and how all people (politicians, journalists,
intellectuals,etc.) who yesterday cried with us against the dictatorship,
now turned their backs to us. One thing was to be pity the poor and
persecuted argentinian and another very different to habe solidarity with
their claim of suverignity.

> I think Paul Flewers is avoiding the real issue.  When an imperialist
> country like Britain is at war with a small country like Iraq or
> his duty in Britain should be to take sides with that country.  The nature
> of the leadership, whether it be a Saddam or a Galtieri, is of little
> consequence.  The slogan in my day was "Viva Argentina!" as we marched
> through the streets of London and similarly, "Victory to the Iraqi
> These were not popular slogans.  On a number of occasions the cops
> into our contingent and beat people with their batons, while the
> of the demonstrations denounced us over megaphones as provocateurs.

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