Fwd: Gitlin on Leftist Interventions

Paul Flewers paul.flewers at SPAMvirgin.net
Fri Oct 15 22:52:50 MDT 1999

Macdonald Stainsby cited: < The End of the Absolute No: The American
left's reflexive opposition to US military intervention broke down over
Kosovo. A veteran activist says it's about time. >

Why doesn't Todd Gitlin do a little more heart-searching. Then he can
find sure-fire reasons to support not merely the Gulf War against that
nasty Saddam Hussein, but also Britain's war against Argentina (that
fascist junta stealing nice democratic Britain's precious islands),
France and then the USA in Vietnam, the USA and Britain in Korea (those
totalitarian communists toppling one domino after another), France in
Algeria, Britain and France in Suez (that awful Gamal Nasser stealing
the Suez Canal), to mention just a few, and of course Britain, France
and Imperial Russia against Germany in 1914 (poor little Belgium).

Paul F

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