Marx question

Michael Hoover hoov at
Sat Oct 16 09:55:36 MDT 1999

> Marx question:  Does anybody know the source?
> "Avarice is possible without money, but the quest for
> enrichment is itself the product of a definite social development,
> not a natural, in contrast to an historical development."
> Michael Perelman

I'm away from my books and hand-written scribble that passes for my notes
is confusing even to me...

I've got _The Grundrisse_, CW28, pp. 154-155 (I don't know what the cite
would be for the Nicolaus translation but I can look it up in my office
on Monday if still needed).

the sentence immediately preceeding one above is:
'Money is therefore not only the object but at the same time the source
of the quest for enrichment.'

and I have another note that reads similarly:
'Money is not just an object of the passion for enrichment, it is "the"
object.' -- from _Critique of Political Economy_, Int'l Pub, 1970, p.132
(I'll check it on Monday as well for accuracy and for what precedes and
follows it)     Michael Hoover

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