Blindness, foolishness, or what?

bernie wool bernard.wool at
Wed Oct 13 18:56:37 MDT 1999

Dear Nestor

I am sorry that you felt that I was being personal, but what you wrote
was cynical by any stretch of the imagination.  If I am wrong about the
long isolation of the Argentinian working class from world events, and
the continual break-up of 'left organizations' in Argentina then I would
stand corrected.  All mistakes are bitter fare, few more so than
illusions in those who claim to be your defenders.  To rub salt  in the
wounds as you did serves no purpose.  That is why I thought it cynical.

I raised what I believe to be an interesting question regarding the
current position towards which capital finds itself heading, and
possible implications of that regarding a principle that we have all
held until recently - yes, me too.  I was merely questioning it, and I
hope that the gist of what I said regarding that will be a topic around
which some discussion ensues.  I feel that youir being defensive of your
sensibilities would have been better added to by comment on the politics
of what I wrote.  What I said was 'out on a limb' and if I am being
premature, in  your opinion, then please say so.

I wish that I knew you better so that I would know whether to be
'comradely' or not.  My comradeliness is not based on slogans, or on
theory isolated from events (whether "ABC" or not), but on how I find
people and their actions - how they conduct themselves, materially let
us say.  Surely, it is out of events that theory, principles and outlook
develop - none of them are static.  What may have been correct in one
period in history can all too easily become dogma as history unfolds.

 I do know miners from the Balkans and am proud to consider them
comrades, as too miners and ex-miners in this country.  If I were as
spiteful as you believe, I would have forwarded your post about
Mitrovica to the NUM and other trades unionists who are in close contact
with the situations in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosova.  I shall not as it
would have no positive bearing on events.


Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

> I ask Mr. Wool to please restate his ideas without
> resorting to insult. I consider the very first paragraph of
> his reply insulting, and will not debate any ideas unless
> we do it in a seriously militant way.
> I do not admit anyone on planet Earth, and less of all you,
> Mr. Wool, to even hint that I consider workers "stupid"
> anywhere. If that is the way you understand a bitter
> posting commenting the tragic consequences of a mistake for
> a fraction of the working classes, then I must say that you
> do not understand the ABC of revolutionary politics.
> I honestly and sincerely expect a reply from you, but I
> will simply _not_ admit this kind of rant.
> Nestor.

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