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João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Tue Oct 12 17:14:45 MDT 1999

Borba100 at wrote:

> Borba means struggle in Serbo Croatian.  It was my pen name when I was a
> would-be poet in the 1960s - I checked out the word for struggle in various
> languages and liked the sound of the Serbo Croatian.  It also is the name of
> a pro-government newspaper in Yugoslavia, but in my case it is the
> sentimental value, not the newspaper association, that led me to pick it for
> this list.

Borba is also the name of the finest of portuguese red wines. And of the little
town where it is produced, in the southern plains of Alentejo, a land of rural
proletariat. About half of the residents are communists, blessed be their souls.
Struggle is certainly not unknown to them.

A would-be poet myself, I raise my glass to Borba.

João Paulo

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