Jose Ramos Horta & NATO

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at
Wed Oct 13 16:33:08 MDT 1999

El 12 Oct 99 a las 23:20, Alan Bradley nos dice(n):

> Nestor persists in suggesting an analogy between the East
> Timorese and the Israelis.  An alternative analogy might
> be with the Palestinians.

What I am saying is that the Timorese are being offered to
become some kind of an Israel under imperialist auspices.
The analogy with the Palestinians does not fit in the
pattern. The only possibility of analogy that I see
suitable is with the Lebanese Maronites. I do not say,
please read my words, that the East Timorese _are_ either
Israelis or Maronites. I am saying that they are being
offered an interesting opportunity to become that. The
analogy with the Palestinians would be with Palestinians
decided to work against the national unity of the Arabs.
This one, however, I see as a "poisson solluble".

As to:

> Don't underestimate the East Timorese.  Don't put them on
> a pedestal either, because you'll be the one that falls
> off.

I am not underestimating anybody. Moreover, I have frankly
admitted since the beginning of all this question that I
know little on the situation in East Timor. But from what I
know, I believe that a particularly perverse action is
under way, an action where the imperialists (I am not
debating whether the Australian or the NZ or the Americans,
or all of them, etc.) are preparing the situation for a new
kind of overseas base in E.Timor, probably with full
support from the E. Timorese themselves.

If anything, I may be overestimating the imperialists
_tactically_. But well, that is what Mao used to accept as a
reasonable line. I will lean on his authority.


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