Jose Ramos Horta & NATO

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Tue Oct 12 18:43:42 MDT 1999

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

> So were Jewish pioneers in Palestine. Moreover, the whole
> Zionist Socialist ideology made of self-reliance a fetish.
> This is why the Jewish Israeli workers had THEIR OWN,
> closed to Arabs, Workers Central. I hope I will never see
> the day when East Timorese Leftist Workers build up a
> Workers Central that excludes the non-Timorese workers...

Come on down, Nestor. In the middle-east, the Ashkenazim are just
westerner settlers plain an simple, a force of imperialist cultural,
economic and political aggression.

Where is the analogy with the east-timorese? The east-timorese have
lived in their land since immemorial times. They are what is sometimes
called a "primitive" people. You seem to be under the impression that,
by virtue of their acculturation under portuguese colonialism, they
somewhat look down on the indonesians and consider themselves to be more
"advanced". The very opposite is true.

Portuguese colonialism there (unlike in Africa) was a "gentle yoke",
that left the tribal and monarchical structures of traditional timorese
society largely in place. This primeval paradise was largely untouched.
The ravages of modernity and of primitive accumulation were brought by
the indonesians and this is indeed one of the reasons why they have
generated so much resistance.

I can hardly think of any East-Timorese Workers Central (leftist or
otherwise). The red flag of the industrial proletariat will take many
more decades to be seen in Dili. The struggle of the east-timorese has
much more to do with the canadian inuit or the peasant communities from
Chiapas than with the israelis.

It is a struggle for the right to find a genuine, self-centered and
authonomous way to development (however illusory this may prove to be,
under capitalism). Or, alternatively, to be left alone with their
"backwardness". Just no more aggressions, no more brutallity. They don't
want to be the slain from whose skulls the goddess of progress (be she
portuguese, indonesian or australian) quenches her thirst.

> Dear Joao Paulo, I wish with all my strength that you are
> right. I also believe, however, that the East Timorese are
> being offered a very interesting opportunity by the
> imperialists. And Ramos Horta seems to be the one carrying
> it. Under the current circumstances, who knows what will
> happen?

I don't. I'm just keeping an eye on it and hoping for the best. Just
like you.

João Paulo

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