Justice and taking sides

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You're right of course.  Sorry about the sloppy use of this kind of



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>Russell wrote:
>> When an imperialist
>> country like Britain is at war with a small country like Iraq or
>> his duty in Britain should be to take sides with that country.
>Russell, I think that to be accurate this should read:
>"When an imperialist country like Britain is at war with a country like
>Iraq or Argentina ..."
>Neither Argetina nor Iraq is a small country, certainly not in
>comparison to the Bristish Isles.  The reason that such countries get
>pushed around is not size but economics and politics.  Israel is smaller
>than any of the three countries mentioned but it does not get messed
>with like that because it has very big backup, similarly China got
>pushed around in days past by much smaller Britain because its leaders
>ahd not the political will nor economic incentive to unite against the
>agressors instead of cutting favorable individual deals with them.  You
>ask a comprador economy to stand up to imperialism, ...well, -never mind
>all that, just ask it to give the IMF a dirty look- and you won't get
>very far.  To use a phrase usually heard in other contexts, it's not
>size that counts, but what you do with what you've got.
>_ Juan

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