Peace Arch demo misrepresented by Workers World.

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Sat Oct 16 23:50:01 MDT 1999

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

>       The largest Marxist-Leninist party in North America is currently the
> Workers World Party. As I write this, I am pained by its neccessity. Workers
> World has done some of the finest work in the US in most of the last decade,
> including close work with the International Action Center that also includes
> Ramsey Clark. The recent war on Yugoslavia was no exception, as WWP called
> the question, the only question, "Hands of Yugoslavia" and organized around
> opposition to the war that was unmatched in the continental US. I adress
> these points in the hopes that something will be done about some amazing
> errors in the recent article "Action Halts Border Traffic: "Free Leonard
> Peltier and All Political Prisoners" by comrade Tom Scahill.
> First off, why on earth is a comrade from Buffalo writing on an event that
> took place between Vancouver BC and Seattle Washington?

Perhaps he's referring to the Peace Bridge which runs from Niagara Falls,
Ontario to Niagara Falls, NY?  Perhaps a demo occured there on Columbus Day as
well as the one you're referring to?


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