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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #380
                              October 13, 1999
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week:

business are deeply involved in the nuclear industry through uranium
exports, the Lucas Heights reactor and international industry bodies. And
yes, the kind of accident that happened at Tokaimura could happen here.


 * Japan's nuclear accident: Australia's role
 * Tokaimura: could it happen here?


 * Che: a symbol of revolutionary commitment
 * Indonesia, 1952-59: spectacular growth of the Communist Party
 * Reclaim the game [rugby league]? It'll take a revolution
 * Green Left Weekly blitzes establishment press in climate change


 * How US troops `saved' Koreans from communism
 * Indonesian elites struggle over power sharing
 * Authorities prevent Kashmiri solidarity
 * United Nations keen to begin transition in East Timor
 * Students protest on Indonesian military's birthday
 * Iraq: sanctions double infant mortality
 * Car workers strike over racism
 * Russia: the strategy of destabilisation
 * Why economists are worried by the US boom
 * Arundhati Roy: A voice raised against globalised indecency


 * Russia: hands off Chechnya!
 * Howard versus Keating? A bipartisan betrayal of East Timor
 * War and the internet
 * Labor, Democrats agree to corporate tax grab


 * Olympics: who wins, who loses, who protests?
 * Aboriginal activists discuss Olympics protest
 * The internet revolution -- can it happen?
 * News briefs
 * A history of student solidarity
 * Support democracy for Indonesia
 * Solidarity in Hobart
 * Why men's officers are anti-feminist
 * The need for political women's rooms


 * NTEU sets goals for 2000
 * ANU students protest faculties review
 * Timorese asylum seekers continue to battle federal government
 * Building workers rally for more safety
 * High Court backs Aboriginal hunting, fishing rights
 * Rally opposes forced dependence of East Timor
 * Newcastle academics to strike
 * Virgin bush clearing `shocking'
 * Rally demands, `Let the hostages go home'
 * Pilger's `Timor Conspiracy' in Rockhampton
 * Gig raises money for East Timor
 * NSW ALP manoeuvres to defuse union anger
 * Canberra unions move against `second wave'
 * Wide support for Queensland forests agreement
 * UNSW academics reject management's offer
 * Nuclear connections
 * Darwin's first Gay and Lesbian Pride Week in years
 * Jure Lasic
 * Tamil women's organisation launched


 * Media prove Pilger's point
 * WA Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
 * Vince Jones launches new album
 * A must on women, population and environment
 * The Keating Diaries


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