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> Dear people,
> There is a song by Brecht which includes the lines:
> "MAry [something] does your boyfriend have raven hair?
> If he does you'd best make sure this is the end of the affair
> (Refrain:) the workers crouch in the tenements
> and hear the beating of drums -
> god above could there be something wrong tonight?
> Listen - here it comes!"
> Or anyway, that's my memory.  Question: was the woman named MARY and what
> her last name?  I want to use it for a story on emperors clothes on the
> murder of the UN employee for the crime of speaking a slavic language in
> Pristina...
> Thanks!
> Jared

The song for which you are looking is 'Ballade Von Der Judenhure Marie
Sanders', or the Ballad of Marie Sanders, the Jew's Whore.

It is part of Svendborger Gedichte and was first published in 1937.
Hans Eisler composed the music.

 I don't where you obtained your translation, but the refrain is not only
innacurate, but also rather twee.

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