Putting Henry Liu in context

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Wed Oct 13 19:05:24 MDT 1999

Jim Craven:

>The only difference between Henry and most of us is not in gaining
>materially through equities and other forms of speculation and
>arbitrage--those of us who have retirement plans etc--but rather the
>magnitudes of gains, the types of instruments from which speculative gains
>are gathered and perhaps even the uses of some of those gains. "Let he who
>is without "sin" cast the first volume of "Das Kapital" or "On
>Contradiction" and "On Practice"..."
>Jim C
I would take it a step further. Henry is one of our greatest hopes. The left
always guilts itself about needing money in the modern world; very seldom
are people on "our side" able to make any real money. Having the ability to
accrue huge sums of money IS a good thing, we all need our movements
bankrolled. Perhaps there would be less dead Black Panthers today had they
not needed to hold up banks for funding. We know that there is going to be a
number of people who make obscene money at "the game". Kudos to he the
revolutionary who can pull off both. Life is a constant string of
contradictions, especially in this capitalist concept. For some reason
leftists always want to be "consistent"- they feel "guilty" if they live
well "waiting for the great leap forwards". Nonsense. The trick is to know
where it came from, and always be prepared to fight the good fight itself.
That's the line no one can be "inconsistent" on. Cross that, and we see
something quite different in anyone.

   We all, in our seperate work, need "benefactors". Thank goodness there
are a few Henry's around- What we need is more!


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