The Boer War

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Thu Oct 14 11:50:29 MDT 1999

--The Marxism list began on May 1, 1998 with 62 subscribers. It now has
207. (155 Marxism; 52 Marxism-Digest)

--While it is somewhat difficult to ascertain the geographical origin of a
subscriber nowadays--with global ISP service, web-based mail, etc.--I have
made a list of the countries from which subscribers have made substantive
postings in recent months:

1. Argentina    6. China        11. India       16. Norway      21. United States
2. Austria      7. Cuba         12. Ireland     17. Portugal
3. Australia    8. England      13. Israel      18. Scotland
4. Brazil       9. Finland      14. Italy               19. South Africa
5. Canada       10. Germany     15. New Zealand 20. Sweden

--In addition, there are long-term subscribers from Taiwan, Thailand, South
Korea, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Yugoslavia and Japan.

--The oldest subscriber is 91. The youngest is 15, unless he has had a
birthday since the last time he posted.

--We are still under-represented by females, although Marta and Yoshie have
the power of 10 women each. Something we need to work on.

--Two African-Americans, including the inimitable Charles Brown.

--Two American Indians.

--Three expulsions.

--One petulant resignation because the list didn't live up to expectations.

--Average number of bytes transmitted per month = 4.5mb.

Louis Proyect

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