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The Workers' Liberty-sponsored conference, "Socialism past, present and
future", will be held at Caxton House, 129 St John's Way London N19 (Tube:
Archway) London, Saturday 6 November.

The school marks the tenth anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin
wall and the collapse of Eastern European "communism" - momentous events in
recent history and events which have had a lasting impact on the
international left.

Moshe Machover and Pat Murphy will discuss the questions facing Marxists in
the new period: what lessons can be drawn from the collapse of Stalinism?
How has social democracy been affected? What will the new century offer the

Sean Matgamna and Peter Gowan will debate "Marxism, imperialism and war".
Peter Gowan is the author of a new book, The global gamble - Washington's
Faustian bid for world dominance. Sean Matgamna is the editor of a
forthcoming book dealing with the question of war and socialist politics.

A series of discussions will deal with the issues surrounding the 1917
revolution. Kate Buckell will debate the SPGB on "Were the Bolsheviks
democrats?" Paul Hampton will discuss the current situation in China. Jill
Mountford will look at the lessons from the two waves of feminist
mobilisation in the twentieth century and discuss the prospects for a
socialist feminist renaissance in the 21st century.

In the evening we will be showing films by Eisenstein.

A creche, cheap food and accommodation are available.

Tickets are £10 and £5 (students and unwaged). For more details contact
Workers' Liberty office at or phone 0171 207 3997.

Look at the new Action website:

<office at>
Workers' Liberty, PO Box 823, London SE15 4NA
Phone +44 171 207 3997/0706/4774
Fax +44 171 277 8462

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