Fidel Castro's secret weapon

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Oct 11 13:34:11 MDT 1999

>>> Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> 10/11/99 02:58PM >>>
Los Van Van is taking the United States by storm. Performing to sold-out
audiences everywhere they go, they exemplify the best of new Cuban
interpretations of traditional conjunto music. I have been a huge fan for
15 years at least and am thrilled to discover that a new CD is now
available with their greatest hits, including "Sandungueira" and "Havana,
no aguanta mas". Titled "La Colección Cubana", it is available from



Charles: And don't forget that the last two baseball
World Series winners had Cuban pitchers (brothers)
as most valuable players. If Fidel lets you have
pitcher, you win the World Series.


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