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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #381
                              October 20, 1999
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week:

RICH NATIONS TIGHTEN THE SCREWS While there is talk about "forgiving" some
of the debt of the poorest countries, the reality is that the imperialist
countries are continuing to amass riches at the expense of the Third World.


 * Fake debt write-off: rich nations tighten the screws
 * The rich get richer and the poor get advice


 * Xanana: `We have not been rendered powerless'
 * Mumia Abu-Jamal's death warrant signed
 * Colombia: US moves to restore order in its `backyard'
 * Privatisation behind British train disaster
 * East Timorese youth leader urges continued solidarity
 * International call for bear hunt moratorium
 * Kurdish women appeal for solidarity
 * US Senate rejects nuclear test ban
 * Zimbabwe: health workers' strike for a better system
 * The campaign against GM crops in Britain
 * From bad to worse at Tokaimura
 * Military takes over Pakistan
 * Martial law imposed
 * Plutonium shipments challenged
 * Indonesia: behind the jostling for president


 * `False memory syndrome' and sexual assault
 * `A critical time for the solidarity movement'
 * Activists plan solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor
 * Genetically modified organisms in Australia
 * Editorial: Harsh strings on aid to PNG
 * Networker: More than a technology
 * Murdoch off-side in league coverage
 * You and politics: a rare but enlightening combination


 * Historical feature: The PKI turns to Sukarno


 * Kemp plans to dismantle public education
 * Students fight Kemp
 * The thick end of the privatisation wedge
 * Eyewitness in East Timor
 * East Timorese student speaks
 * Old wine in new bottles at QUT
 * Indonesian students demand: military out of politics!
 * Plans for student solidarity
 * Pollution: profit over people
 * Griffith University elections


 * Opposition to nuclear waste dump
 * Activists contest Centrelink elections
 * Politics in the pub launched in Lismore
 * Brisbane Resistance Centre spooked
 * More Hunter jobs threatened
 * `No jobs on a dead planet'
 * Sutherland Council to campaign against reactor
 * Energex pay scandal
 * Activist centre in Melbourne to move
 * Action updates
 * Members First gathers momentum in ACT
 * Westpac chews off the hand that feeds it
 * Meeting condemns `murderous' nuclear industry
 * NTEU strikes at Newcastle University
 * Rio Tinto's court win challenges union movement
 * University forces non-union ballot


 * Festival to feast on in Adelaide
 * Bohinta: Changing shapes
 * Henry Reynolds book: A part of Australian history to be proud of


 * Loose cannons
 * ... and ain't i a woman?: Who are they trying to kid?
 * I Looking out: will act the way I am treated
 * Life of Riley: Dilated to meet you
 * On the box
 * Write on: letters to the editor
 * Chris Kelly cartoon


 * Adelaide
 * Brisbane & S-E Queensland
 * Canberra
 * Darwin
 * Hobart
 * Lismore & NSW North Coast
 * Melbourne
 * Newcastle
 * Perth & Fremantle
 * Rockhampton
 * Sydney
 * Sydney West & Blue Mountains
 * Wollongong & NSW South Coast

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