Final (!) words to Jose and I hope the DSP as well

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Tue Oct 19 03:20:27 MDT 1999

>     The latest Green Left Weekly, BTW, reports that Gusmao is demanding
>the UN force recognize Freitilin as a national liberation army and cease
>attempts to disarm it.  It does not appear that Gusmao, at least, is going
>to accept the demands the imperialists are making.
So he says, to translate: "We want Imperialist weapons and Imperialist arms,
but to heck with Imperialist designs!"


With all respect I can possibly give to the ET resistance: (truly a movement
of resistance!) They now reap what they sow!


How many times have I wondered if it really possible to forge links with a
mass of people when one has never had strong feelings for anyone, not even
one's own parents; if it is possible to have a collectivity when one has not
been deeply loved oneself by individual human creatures. Hasn't this had
some effect on my life as a militant- has it not tended to make me sterile
and reduce my quality as a revolutionary by making everything a matter of
pure intellect, of pure mathematical calculation?
       ---Antonio Gramsci, 1926.

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