Final (!) words to Jose and I hope the DSP as well

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Tue Oct 19 07:07:31 MDT 1999


    C'mon, fess up, surely you must by a  DSP ringer trying to discredit the
anti-troops position by taking such a stance!<g>

    What you're doing in essence is *conditioning* your support to the just
struggle of the people of East Timor for self-determination on the basis of
the character of the leadership. You're placing the advocacy of your line
above the needs of the struggle as a whole.

    For, surely, especially if you consider the E. Timorese demand  for a UN
force to have been wrong, as you do, you would want NOW to do everything
possible to deepen and widen the split between the E. Timorese leaders who
supported the idea and the Australian-led coalition force in such a way as
to strengthen the fighting forces of the Timorese resistance and
de-legitimize and weaken the imperialist side.

    Moreover, this gives you a chance to explain in the much more favorable
framework of a joint campaign against imperialist designs and usurpations in
East Timor that this is why you were against calling on the UN (or
Australia) to send troops all along.

    The East Timorese are NOT reaping what THEY sowed. Whatever you may
think of the demand for a UN force, it is clear that it stemmed from their
determination to continue their decades-old struggle for independence in an
unfavorable world framework and despite the extreme disparity between the
size of their forces and those of the Indonesians.


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>>     The latest Green Left Weekly, BTW, reports that Gusmao is demanding
>>the UN force recognize Freitilin as a national liberation army and cease
>>attempts to disarm it.  It does not appear that Gusmao, at least, is going
>>to accept the demands the imperialists are making.
>So he says, to translate: "We want Imperialist weapons and Imperialist
>but to heck with Imperialist designs!"
>With all respect I can possibly give to the ET resistance: (truly a
>of resistance!) They now reap what they sow!
>How many times have I wondered if it really possible to forge links with a
>mass of people when one has never had strong feelings for anyone, not even
>one's own parents; if it is possible to have a collectivity when one has
>been deeply loved oneself by individual human creatures. Hasn't this had
>some effect on my life as a militant- has it not tended to make me sterile
>and reduce my quality as a revolutionary by making everything a matter of
>pure intellect, of pure mathematical calculation?
>       ---Antonio Gramsci, 1926.
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