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George Pennefather poseidon at
Sun Oct 24 03:25:13 MDT 1999

El 24 Oct 99 a las 14:58, Michael Pugliese nos dice(n):

>   The "State Capitalist" theories( Tony Cliff, Bettelheim,
>   neo-anarchists
> too) have never made sense to me, either, for many reasons
> too complicated to go into here, but, without retreating
> into a moralistic, idealistic  or Menshevik conception of
> socialism, I wouldn't abandon a critical analysis of
> Soviet-type societies either. (Damn that Scylla and
> Charbydis, of the one hand and on the other hand!)

No matter whether we agree or not on the characterization
of each particular situation, I do fully agree with you
in that it is a matter of principle for any revolutionary
to keep the intelligence wide awake and eyes open either
when acting in a capitalist country or in a socialist

The history of socialism in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe
and elsewhere is an integral part of our heritage which we
cannot (and must not) do away with. Whatever our personal
positions on the "reasons why", it is obvious that we have
to understand what happened there (and it is one of the
main interests of this list and the sister list Leninism to
foster this debate).

What I wanted to stress was that one of the "reasons why"
lies in the excessively linear and schematical political
education that the masses were  given by the socialist
leaders, which lead to an abstract understanding of the
"beauties" of the West. The West thus operated more as a
Freudian "object of desire" than as a Marxist wanton enemy.
It is my opinion that the "bureaucratic bourgeoisies"
thesis is the dialectical counterpart, in the West, of this
poverty of thought.

I am stating this in order not to be misunderstood. I hate the
Scylla / Charybdis false (and intelectually terrorist) choice as
much as you do.


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