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>From: Mitchel Cohen <mitchelcohen at mindspring.com>
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>Subject: [red-green] Anarchists Hoarding Weapons?
>Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 19:35:58
>Some atrocious articles have appeared in British papers the last few days
>with the apparent aim of panicking the readership over participants in the
>forthcoming actions against the World Trade Organization. One writer went
>so far to claim (as it turns out, with no factual basis whatsoever) that
>groups "like" reclaim the streets and other anarchists were hoarding caches
>of heavy-duty weaponry, machine guns, grenades, etc. After much
>consternation was whipped around the world on the Internet, this satirical
>report floated by, and, as it seems to be the proper renunciation, I
>thought I'd pass it on.
>JOURNALISTS are stockpiling illegal propaganda worth thousands of peoples
>liberty, including libel and disinformation, for a planned police clamp
>down of human rights on November 30.
>In two separate transactions in the past six weeks, at least 300 words of
>bullshit and several pages of inflamatory rhetoric capable of delivering
>unwarranted increases in police power were purchased by the Sunday Times -
>one of the groups that wrecked the good work worth a priceless amount done
>by the June 18 "Carnival against capitalism" in the city. Both transaction
>took place in a North London toilet.
>The propaganda, which is legal to buy and possess but morally indefensible
>and carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years increased corporate control,
>were imported from Scotland Yard and sold by a gang of nightclub doormen
>working in the Euston and Camden Town areas. On the black market, this
>rubbish can fetch as much as 3 or 4 innocents scapegoated as ringleaders,
>and as much as 3 or 4 rungs up the ladder for corrupt reporters.
>These revelations are certain to outrage many readers of the Times or the
>Mail, who support castrating anyone without a short back and sides but do
>not wish to be used in such a cynical way.
>In previous articles, exaggeration and downright lies have been used. This
>is not the first evidence of dangerous propaganda being stockpiled for
>future peaceful protests.
>Detective Chief Inspector Kieron (not so)Sharp of City police, who is
>fudging the witchhunt into the June 18 riot, said he was delighted and not
>surprised by the purchases. "This is a new and satisfying trend and we are
>thanking the Times. How do you think we got the Criminal justice bill
>through" he added.
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I have received the following request for contact information for
Sebastiano Timpanaro, I wonder if anybody of these lists
can accomadate Matthew.

Jim Farmelant

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Subject: S.Timpanaro
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 18:28:48 PDT
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Dear Sir,

I saw your reply to a request for Hegeliam Marxism info. and
hoped you could help me with a how to contact Timpanaro ?

My Doctorate research is a re-evaluation of the biological &
critical/radical social theory.

Best regards,

Matthew Piscioneri
School of Philosophy
University of Tasmania

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