"La Ciudad"

Thomas Waters twaters at SPAMpanix.com
Sat Oct 23 19:19:52 MDT 1999

I went to see La Ciudad tonight on Louis' recommendation and want to
encourage every one who can to do the same. It is so constructed as to make
even a thoroughly urban person feel the city as an alien environment, just
as if he too had arrived from a village on capital's borderlands. It is
heartbreaking but not depressing as Stephen Holden portrayed it in the
Times. For Holden, the conditions that the immigrant workers face are
necessary and natural, even "Darwinian," and the stock the workers take in
solidarity, endurance, and the imagination futile and embarrassing. But of
course the truth is just the opposite.

Tonight it was the man who played Francisco from Tulcingo who was handing
out fliers after the show.


Thomas Waters
twaters at panix.com
Bronx, New York

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