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From: Mitchel Cohen <mitchelcohen at>

Some atrocious articles have appeared in British papers the last few days
with the apparent aim of panicking the readership over participants in the
forthcoming actions against the World Trade Organization. One writer went
so far to claim (as it turns out, with no factual basis whatsoever) that
groups "like" reclaim the streets and other anarchists were hoarding caches
of heavy-duty weaponry, machine guns, grenades, etc. After much
consternation was whipped around the world on the Internet, this satirical
report floated by, and, as it seems to be the proper renunciation, I
thought I'd pass it on.


JOURNALISTS are stockpiling illegal propaganda worth thousands of peoples
liberty, including libel and disinformation, for a planned police clamp
down of human rights on November 30.

In two separate transactions in the past six weeks, at least 300 words of
bullshit and several pages of inflamatory rhetoric capable of delivering
unwarranted increases in police power were purchased by the Sunday Times -
one of the groups that wrecked the good work worth a priceless amount done
by the June 18 "Carnival against capitalism" in the city. Both transaction
took place in a North London toilet.

The propaganda, which is legal to buy and possess but morally indefensible
and carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years increased corporate control,
were imported from Scotland Yard and sold by a gang of nightclub doormen
working in the Euston and Camden Town areas. On the black market, this
rubbish can fetch as much as 3 or 4 innocents scapegoated as ringleaders,
and as much as 3 or 4 rungs up the ladder for corrupt reporters.

These revelations are certain to outrage many readers of the Times or the
Mail, who support castrating anyone without a short back and sides but do
not wish to be used in such a cynical way.

In previous articles, exaggeration and downright lies have been used. This
is not the first evidence of dangerous propaganda being stockpiled for
future peaceful protests.

Detective Chief Inspector Kieron (not so)Sharp of City police, who is
fudging the witchhunt into the June 18 riot, said he was delighted and not
surprised by the purchases. "This is a new and satisfying trend and we are
thanking the Times. How do you think we got the Criminal justice bill
through" he added.

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