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Many thanks for the nice write-up of the talk. You must have a
photographic memory!  As expected, there are a few very minor goofs: 1)
I figure that Fearing was a fellow-traveler from late 1920s until 1939,
but never attacked the CP after that. The FBI claimed he was a member
but he didn't admit it, if he was.  2)  Laura Casparay is the author of
LAURA (in which main character was THOUGHt to be murdered biy returns to
life).  3) You are certainly right that there are NOIR themes in
Dreiser--but I hadn't thought to say it!  4) John Howard Lawson
denounced the crime/murder films of the late 40s & early 50s as garbagae
preparing the American people for war with the USSR, but I don't think
he referred to the Big Clock by name.

I guess I should do more of a study of Fritz Lang.  I did see FURY and
was impressed that it was an attack on lynching, only using a white
character as the victim and making associations with the Nazis.
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