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Comrades -- This sounds like a very apropos book that should get wider
distribution.  I'm going to feature it somewhere on my Web site.


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> Hi,
> I just visited your website and now I would like to invite you to visit my
website which may be interesting to you:
> http://www.efn.org/~rolanda/discovering/america.html
> My website is about a new book, DISCOVERING AMERICA AS IT IS by Valdas
Anelauskas, in which he describes America as it is and warns about the
menace it constitutes to the world. In his book, a monumental study of the
devastating effect American-style ultra-capitalism is having on the American
people -- something that people in other countries, and Europeans in
particular, need to know, as the American Way is going global. The book
raises serious questions concerning America's role as a leading model for
development. Author compares the United States to the former Soviet Union,
and the countries of Western Europe.  He finds the U.S. to be deficient in
the area of social and economic human rights. He also describes the
consequences of U.S. welfare reform, and gives what he considers to be the
reasons that the U.S. government instituted this particular change in its
social policy.
> Valdas Anelauskas is a Lithuanian journalist and former anti-Soviet
dissident who was expelled from the USSR for his human rights activities. He
settled in the United States and eventually became a dissident in America
just as he was in the former Soviet Union. Ten years of observation of
American reality has led Anelauskas to conclude that the U.S. extreme
capitalist system represents an even greater threat than Soviet
mock-communism to the well-being of the world.
> Thank you for your attention.
> Sincerely,
> Rolanda Petkute
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