"Not for free?" (Re: Relief agencies billing refugee Albanians)

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at SPAMsisurb.filo.uba.ar
Sun Oct 24 06:05:45 MDT 1999

El 24 Oct 99 a las 2:02, Yoshie Furuhashi nos dice(n):

On the reaction of Arijeta Blakaj when she discovered that
in the USA you must pay for whatever you do (breathing
probably excluded since no way to measure the volume of per
capita inhalation has been devised by Liggett and Myers,

> >
> >   "It's not good. It's not fair," the 21-year-old said
> >   from the church rectory in Elizabeth, N.J., where she
> >   has been staying and trying to start a new life in
> >   America. "I need money for everything."

This is a common reaction. A friend of mine, in Cuba, was
accosted by a young boy who wanted to get some money from
him and attempted to gain his will by explaining how
admirable would life in Cuba be if things were there the
way they are in Argentina today. My friend simply pointed
out that the kid, being slightly dark-skinned and with no
qualification, would have to elbow his life painfully from
the lowest ranks of the Argentinian society. And that he
would have to manage with almost zero money.  Whatever he
would want to extract from a supermarket had to be
dutifully paid for, my friend said. There was nothing that
could be got for nothing. The Cuban stared at him in amazement,
and asked:

"What you mean, also milk?"

"Particularly milk, and if you have a baby, milk for babies
is lots of times more expensive", was the answer.

The Cuban then started to look at his own country on a
different mood, says my friend. We should also keep this
in mind when we all too easily discard the Yugoslav, Chinese
or Cuban governments as "bourgeois regimes" and
other nonsense.


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