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>The flow of delightful news about tens of thousands
>of protesters going to Seattle on N30 gives
>associations to a principally parallel historic
>event in 1943.
>The corporations (including for instance  that of
>the George Bush family) were behind Adolf Hitler
>all the way, and especially when he attacked the
>Soviet Union.
>His and their defeat at Stalingrad became the
>decisive turning point of WWII and taught them to
>prefer the more subtl methods that today count not
>millions, but billions of victims (including the
>Russians again).
>Seattle perhaps could become the turning point of
>the present war. Because of the high level of
>Internet and protest activities here, the 99 %
>corporate mass media monopol may be prevented from
>continuing to hide the corporate conspiracy from
>the silent majority.
>The capitalist corporate system and greed inevitably
>will bite off more than it can chew.
>The unbelievably vicious corporate agenda now invites
>such defeat.
>Since all of the media focus will be concentrated on
>Seattle, this will be the decisive main battle field.
>Everybody that has the opportunity therefore should
>go there.
>Chartered flights may be required to supplement the
>ordinary traffic.
>Naturally, all of those who cannot come to Seattle
>should open auxiliary fronts all over the world.
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