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Michael Pugliese debsian at SPAMpacbell.net
Sun Oct 24 20:06:51 MDT 1999

Nestor said: (excerpt)
> What I wanted to stress was that one of the "reasons why"
> lies in the excessively linear and schematical political
> education that the masses were  given by the socialist
> leaders, which lead to an abstract understanding of the
> "beauties" of the West. The West thus operated more as a
> Freudian "object of desire" than as a Marxist wanton enemy.
> It is my opinion that the "bureaucratic bourgeoisies"
> thesis is the dialectical counterpart, in the West, of this
> poverty of thought.
          Very interesting, have you expanded on this, either on this list,
or other venues.
I've read a little Freud, a lot more Marcuse, Reich, and other
Freudian-Marxists. I've yet to tackle an entire book by Zizek- have only
read his articles in New Left Review which are chapters from his books
published by Verso. Not dressed up in Freudian lingo ( more of a "common
sense" projection?) I'd say that the cynicism engendered
by party agit-prop in the former Soviet Union, etc. gave rise to a wish that
everything that the Party said about the West was wrong. (Of course,
listening to Voice of America and other channels of psywar didn't hurt in
terms of creating parallel illusions about freedom and consumerist utopia in
the West)
    Anyway, yours and others thoughts on this...

Michael Pugliese

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