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Fri Oct 22 09:45:49 MDT 1999

Roy Bhaskar Interviewed
Questions by Professor Chris Norris

>>> "Charles Brown" <CharlesB at> 10/22/99 09:51AM >>>
Yes , Bhaskar has been associated with developing a position called Critical Realism.
I just noticed that one of the positions Lenin polemicized against in _Materialism and
Empirio-criticism_ was called "critical realism". Someone named Yushkevich wrote _
Materialism and Critical Realism_.


>>> Gary MacLennan <g.maclennan at> 10/22/99 12:35AM >>>
Roy Bhaskar has a lot to say that is relevant here, especially in
_Dialectic: The Pulse of Freedom_ and _Plato Etc_. He also has a very good
essay on Marxist Philosophy - in a book the name of which escapes me at
present. It would certainly be wroth a discussion corner on this list.
Bhaskar is currently  I believe working on a fuller treatment of Marx and

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