Exchanges on Marxism and ecology

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Oct 20 10:54:19 MDT 1999

>>> Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> 10/19/99 09:17PM >>>
1) John Bellamy Foster replying to Michael Perelman's query whether ecology
existed prior to the 1850's:

>From the standpoint of today the three greatest ecological
discoveries all came from the Marxist theorists and Soviet scientists: the
idea of the biosphere, the discovery of the original centers of agriculture
and the sources of germplasm, and the theory of the origins of life.  It was
the Oparin/Haldane theory of the origin of life that provided the foundation
for Rachel Carson's most comprehensive ecological statement.


CB: Who says dialectical materialism hasn't produced results in natural science ?


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