Urgent Plea from Kazakhstan for Solidarity

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Wed Oct 20 18:54:27 MDT 1999

The following appeal comes through the Committee for a Workers'
International of which Socialist Alternative and Labor Militant are
Messages of support can be emailed to Socialist Alternative at
socialist at canada.com
and we'll forward them to the comrades in Kazakhstan. Othewise, there is

a snailmail address at the bottom of this message.

Socialist Alternative
socialist at canada.com

>Dear Comrades
>Spoke to Ionur today, he is leading a strike at his factory, he asks
>urgent messages of support.
>Thy can be sent email to me by saturday.
>Strike at the "Metallist" Factory in Uralsk Kazakhstan
>One of the consequences of the bombing of Serbia and now of Chechnya
>been an increase in orders for small arms. This has led to a strike at
>Metallist factory where CWI member Ionur Kurmanov is Co-Chair of the
>committee. He explains the reasons for the strike.
>"Workers have not been paid for three years. Instead of wages, they
>sometimes pay us in kind or issue poor quality products for us to use.
>at the same time, the management has been building cafes and expensive
>dachas for themselves. They have had expensive repairs to their homes
>paid for by robbing raw materials from the factory for sale. Tens of
>have died in this time as a result of hunger, stress or the lack of
>buy medicines.
>But in June and July, to fill these new orders, management  expected us

>work for 12-14 hours a day on old equipment, breaking the labour law.
>refused to give us safety glasses or water. The canteen was shut.
>In the end, our patience run out. A strike was declared on 1st
>Although we are not allowed to strike officially as ours is an arms
>a strike committee was elected. We immediately sent telegrams of
support to
>other workers on strike in Kazakhstan and the meeting warned the KNB
>KGB) not to take any action against myself or any other members of the
>strike committee who have been facing persecution".
>Support can be sent to 417000 Republic of Kazakhstan, Uralsk, ul.
>d.1/1 kv. 9. Pozhidaevy VT

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