Final (!) words to Jose and I hope the DSP as well

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Oct 18 01:59:45 MDT 1999

Hi Jose,

As always your post was very thought provoking.  I too am anxious not to
get bogged down in the same round of arguments around East Timor.  I was
then quite pleased to see we have such broad agreement between us.

My bedrock feeling remains that we should never give a blank cheque to the
bourgeoise.  We should never simply call for "Send in the troops'.  Such
naive no-strings-attached support for the armies of the bourgeoise always
leads to trouble.  After all is this not the lesson of the disaster of the
Popular Front?

That remains at the heart of the disagreement between myself and the DSP. I
admire so much about their organisation and their paper that I have spent a
good deal of time on the argument. As I have said repeatedly they *are*
organised Marxism in Australia so what they say and do must be taken
seriously by other Marxists.  I have endeavoured to do so.

Warm regards


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