Colombia and Ireland

George Pennefather poseidon at
Wed Oct 27 13:26:40 MDT 1999

Louis: Let me suggest a reading list for you which might sharpen your thinking in
these areas:

1. George Novack, "Introduction to the Logic of Marxism"
2. G. Plekhanov, "Materialist Conception of History"
3. K. Marx, "18th Brumaire"

Non-Marxist examples of dialectical thought

1. D. Diderot, "Rameau's Nephew"
2. G. Hegel, "Phenomenology of Mind"
3. Leibniz, various writings on problems of perception

George: I have all of the above with the exception of Libby --only read some of the
latter's stuff such as his stuff on the Calculus and a bit more.

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