Abolishing HUAC: Monthly Review replies

Apsken at SPAMaol.com Apsken at SPAMaol.com
Sat Oct 30 06:55:49 MDT 1999

    Lou's point is well taken. On the other hand, the Paul Buhle who founded
Radical America would never have accepted for publication an article that had
attributed significant social change to the leadership of lawyers and courts,
let alone would he have written such a thing. Does aging really make radicals
into respectables? Or is academia the culprit?

Ken Lawrence

>  Well, in any case Paul certainly read it. He is a subscriber to this list
>  and I also made sure to send him a copy to make sure that he was presented
>  with a differing opinion. As far as MR is concerned, I wouldn't take that
>  to heart. Things are pretty chaotic right now, with Harry having nearly
>  died last May and Paul close to death himself. Nobody is running the book
>  division and the magazine is short-handed.

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