Colombia and Ireland

bernie wool bernard.wool at
Fri Oct 29 13:53:17 MDT 1999

Yes, let us call them Sinn Fein _and_ IRA, then we shall know of what we
speak.  Or perhaps Ourselves Alone.  Damn these oxymorons, they get
everywhere, even Gaelic.  Unsub this person Louis; immediately!  For the list
shall become infested.

Seriously, this is just simple ad hominem abuse.  If there was one thing that
characterized Healyism it was that one must not discuss with other tendencies
- it got people a bunch of fives up the snout, or an accusation of MI6
affiliations.  North/Hyland maintain this stance, I am told.

I will allow Pennefather to address his own interest in sodomy, which was
raised by M. Jones.  As for me, no thank you, I'm absolutely full just now.


Jim Monaghan wrote:

> Pennefathers:
> >Ultimately both Sinn Fein/IRA and FARC/ELN
> I wrote privately to Pennefather about using the term Sinn Fein/IRA. I now
> share it . Only pro British elements couple Sinn Fein with the IRA. This
> is in order that they can eventually ban Sinn Fein along with the IRA. It
> may seem legalistic to ultra lefts but it is dangerous to provide
> ammunition to the Bourgeoisie.
> It saying this I do not diminish my disagreements with the popular front
> strategy of the current leadership of the Republican Movement.
> I think Pennefather would have denounced the Paris Commune as yet another
> Bourgeois movement. S/He may be using a pseudonym but I suspect a Healyite
> remnant.
> Jim MOnaghan

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