Colombia and Ireland

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at
Mon Oct 25 16:51:00 MDT 1999

Louis's comments are completely apt, even if
unstripped of the personal touch he decided to adopt
against George P.

Maybe I am getting old, don't know, but I'm honestly bored
to the marrow when I see people plunge into a
think-tank only to emerge untainted with intelligence.

Let us suppose, in fact, that the FARC or the ELN are that
awkward and schematic thing, the "petty bourgeois movement"
that George P. has decided they are. And so what?  They are
struggling against imperialism, aren't they?  They are
proposing advanced measures, many of them quite more
advanced than the ones proposed in the United States by
many people who, out of Marxism and political correctness,
George P. would never brand petty bourgeois but, say, union
organizers who are taking a wrong course. And so on.

But George has decided that these people are petty
bourgeois. So that not only they have to face the military
confrontation with the army of George P.'s own bourgeoisie
(interfaced by the Colombian military) but they also should
face the stings thrown by George and his think-tankers from
the easy armchairs in the North.

There are times when these stings are the main weapon of
the bourgeoisie. Would it be too much of an asking that you
try not to build them any more, dear George?

Does your version of Marxism include that elementary
expression of common sense, "a concrete step in advance is
worthy more than a hundred programmes"?

I doubt it.


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