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The same value has this colonial democracy for the poor people of my
And it is for this reason that, during the last ten years, Argentina has no
an army. The actual army is a cave of gun smugglers and the officers must
work as security personal in discoteques or supermarkets after hours. It is
an army that can lose a parade. It is another imnperial consequence of
Malvinas War.
BTW it would be interesting discuss about the situation in Pakistan.
Abu Nasr wrote about his impressions:

"But seriously, it is interesting that Musharraf's coup first seems to have
shocked the west and even prodded the UK into threatening to suspend
from the Commonwealth.
Former PM Bezair Bhutto, who is known in some quarters for being very
sympathetic to the US, greeted the coup with cautious support, and, after
flying to Washington, the US leadership found that maybe the Musharraf
government wouldn't be so bad, leaving the UK to straighten out its problems
with Islamabad on its own.  Meanwhile, one of Musharraf's first foreign
interviews was with the Turkish media.  He spoke in Turkish, a language he
learned as a boy when his father was some kind of attache or something in
country.  Musharraf spoke favourably of Turkey's founding father, Atatuerk,
and naturally called for closer ties with Ankara, conjuring up in my mind at
least, images of the now almost forgotten Cold War alliance that had grouped
the "norhern tier" of Islamic states (Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan) in an
anti-Soviet bloc".

Is it so? I mean, the coup is no more than the common pro USA militar coup?
If so, why was it neccesary for the imperialism if it had the extraordinary
services of the former government?

Julio FB

> Why Democracy Means Little to Pakistan's Poor

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