U.S. economy IS stronger than stats (used to) say

Dennis R Redmond dredmond at SPAMOREGON.UOREGON.EDU
Sat Oct 30 03:29:09 MDT 1999

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Carrol Cox wrote:

> part of this proposition. But I think it should be clear that what
> Dennis is predicting here is war between the EU and the U.S.
> The kind of displacement of a core imperialist nation by
> another that he speaks of here never has happened nor will
> it ever happen peacefully.

One should never say "never" when it comes to the ingenuity of capital to
transcend its previous incarnations. Britain passed the torch of hegemony
to the Pax Americana in the late Forties quite peacefully indeed.

-- Dennis

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