Radical History -- Death of Spanish Poet

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Thu Oct 28 11:38:22 MDT 1999


Jim: Because of Louis's own modesty and principles, many will never know that
Louis does far more than writing prolifically on varied topics from a very
principled Marxist perspective and moderating this list (and that in itself
is quite a contribution), I can attest that behind the scenes, Louis has
made/is making extremely important contributions for Pikanii People and
Indigenous Peoples in general--contributions that will benefit many in
myriad and ongoing ways. "Louis walks the talk" and I hope that someday his
behind-the-scenes contributions and concrete struggle may be known;
contributions that are anything but "petit-bourgeois" or "narrow

Sorry Louis, but I just felt compelled to write and please put this out on
your list as I know your own modesty might compel you to be hesitant to put
it out.

George: I am sure many of us are very glad to hear that Lou makes such an enormously
important contribution. I would also think that he is a very modest person --a big
underneath the hard skin of his.

I think he does a fine job of moderating this list and consequently with the exception
a very few people like me he gets the kind of subscriber that he deserves.

I am very wrong for upsetting him with shibboleths  such as "petty bourgeois" and
nationalism". I think I may be infected with some kind of extra-terrestrial virus that
compels me to repeat such shibboleths. They make Louis mad which makes me very upset.
I am
very sorry. I would hate to be expelled from a list such as Louis' since  there is such
free and varied revolutionary discussion on it.

And I hoped I have not displeased Lou by sending this message in styled format since
gets very upset about such postings. I just hope I have written anything sectarian.
it is very hard to know when I am being sectarian or not. I wish I was like Louis and
expert in these matters. I will have to read more Leibniz as Louis suggested.


Louis Proyect

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