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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #382
                              October 27, 1999
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week:

EAST TIMOR AFTER THE VICTORY Having defeated the Indonesian occupation, the
people of East Timor now face new and daunting tasks: rebuilding their
country from the devastation of plunder and war, organising their political
life and dealing with a United Nations administration which may have its
own agenda.


 * East Timor after the victory
 * People verses profits: the reconstruction of East Timor
 * Kicking doors for East Timor
 * East Timorese Transition Council announced


 * Hitorical feature: How PKI strategy sowed illusions


 * Indonesia's `new' president
 * Germany's new government takes old paths
 * More fallout from Tokaimura nuclear accident
 * US consumers protest against GM food
 * International news briefs
 * Pakistan's left and the military dictatorship
 * LPP newspaper office raided by military
 * Indonesian leftists meet
 * Talkin' 'bout a revolution
 * US worried by increased struggle across Latin America
 * Pakistan: `Women's struggle should not be isolated'


 * Welfare rights: How and why we got them, and why they should be
 * The ISO and the republic: The red-queen alliance?
 * A humanitarian military?
 * Howard's foreign policy headache
 * Heroes and heroines
 * Networker: The hunt for profit on the internet


 * Beauty: reality or sexist myth?
 * Trade unions and fighting for women's rights
 * News briefs
 * Free education! No privatisation!
 * New Zealand's education disaster
 * Homophobia in the Blue Mountains
 * Thousands rally to defend education
 * University restructure planned at UWS


 * Victoria's new government
 * Shame and lame
 * Pangea told to go home
 * Victorian left discuss electoral alliances
 * NSW Labor attacks democratic rights
 * Williams heavies ICJ over East Timor
 * Gladstone refinery workers walk out over safety
 * Telstra says workers `overpaid'
 * Centrelink staff and clients' common complaints
 * You can never hassle too much
 * Elite universities to lead the attack on union
 * CPSU restructures behind the scenes
 * CPSU conference endorses campaigns
 * SA rallies for environmental democracy
 * If it smells like a bank
 * Left runs hard in Melbourne Uni elections
 * Western Sydney women to reclaim the night
 * Murdoch University elections
 * American Indian activist to tour
 * Kumarangk campaign heats up
 * Gay community criticises blast sentence
 * Howard imposes Hanson's racist refugee policy
 * More public sector cuts in NSW


 * Pramoedya Ananta Toer's The Mule's Soliloquy: Testament to a
 * The Eye never lies; it just bores
 * Marx voted millennium's `greatest thinker'
 * Strong interest in Short Black Film Festival


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