Colombia and Ireland

George Pennefather poseidon at
Mon Oct 25 12:57:29 MDT 1999

Pennefather wrote:
>    In Colombia a civil war exists. It is a civil war that that  has
>nothing to do with the promotion of the class interests of the working
>class. The FARC and the ELN are the principal guerrilla armies claiming to
>represent the interests of the masses. But there is little or no difference
> between these movements and the forces of the state. Both are merely
>different  expressions of the interests of the bourgeoisie and thereby
>serve different  functions in perpetuating the existence of that class.
>The masses are merely pawns in the conflict between the  different
>bourgeois political interests. The FARC and the ELN are petty  bourgeois
>organisations that ultimately represent the interests of the  bourgeoisie
>--analogous to the Provo IRA.

The FARC and the ELN are petty bourgeois organizations? What an idiotic
charge from our "think tanker." George, let me explain something. The
leader of the FARC comes from a deeply exploited peasant family, while the
ELN has had a base in oil refinery workers for over a decade. In point of
fact, the drivel you write is boilerplate sectarianism of the sort that
gives Marxism a bad name. No thought or research is needed. Just take a
group in struggle and compare it to your own litmus-test revolutionary
program, which obviously you and Karl Carlile are the only two people on
the planet who have passed, and then hand out failing grades to guerrillas
fighting for social emancipation.

This is what I call the film critic version of revolutionary politics.
Those who lack the talent or the fiber to go out and make movies or
revolutions critique others who do. Now you can learn something from a good
film critic, like Mr. Cranky. From ultraleft sectarians like Pennefather,
the Spartacist League, the Morenoites, ad nauseum, you can learn nothing.

Louis Proyect

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